Helping a long-established estate agency hit home


Chris John & Partners is an estate agent in Pontcanna, Cardiff. Established over 50 years ago, the business had a solid reputation and an enviable position in the heart of the neighbourhood. But the brand faced a challenge - how could the business compete with an increasing number of new, contemporary brands entering the area?

We were tasked to analyse the local market, identify the brand’s points of difference, define the brand proposition and take the business into a new and exciting phase of growth. We are instructed by the client not to significantly change the logo itself, so our focus was on the development of a unique visual identity, as well as a new tone of voice and marketing tactics to reach and engage with local customers.

CJ mood board_2225w_opt2.jpg

Following market research and a competitor analysis, we soon found that retaining the brand’s heritage was crucial, as well as communicating the extraordinary knowledge and insight of the staff into the local market. Their approach is about awareness, a personal touch and exceptional attention to detail. So our focus turned to detail. The details of the properties in the area; the features that turn a house into a home; the selling points that make an emotional connection with the buyer. And these patterns became the inspiration for our designs; at once conveying the agency’s attention to detail whilst also encapsulating the depth of heritage at the heart of the brand.


Although we weren’t able to change the logo or colour palette significantly, we did make subtle tweaks to improve it. We changed the original pale yellow to a more vibrant shade to improve legibility, and we shifted the dated dark brown to a more contemporary and appealing dark grey. We also adjusted the lettering to create a neater and more considered mark.


We created a set of branded materials for the client, including stationery and a DM campaign targeting local vendors. The emphasis of the campaign was the agency’s position in the heart of the neighbourhood - and the theme of ‘neighbours’ allowed us to emphasise the agency’s local knowledge, as well as introducing a new and more informal tone of voice for the brand.


We also designed a new skin for the agency’s website, introducing the new visual identity and also the new tone of voice. The newly designed site reflects the integrity and professionalism of the business, whilst also introducing a more friendly, personal touch which is fundamental to the brand proposition.