Brand strategy for leading animators


Our relationship with the talented team at Fudge started after a chance meeting on a train. On our way to the same conference, we started chatting about the Fudge brand and the historical challenges they’d had defining their unique point of difference. They weren't looking for a rebrand - but they did need some direction to set the brand on track for the next phase of growth.

We immersed ourselves in the brand, working with the senior team to gain insight into the values and ethos at the heart of the business. We explored the business in depth, gaining a deep understanding of the company’s unique point of difference, as well as exploring growth plans so that we could define the brand vision and establish a strategy for the future of the brand.

We spent a lot of time and money developing our brand back in 2016 based purely on what we thought looked nice. It wasn’t until we worked with Marsden/Mee that they forced us to really think about what we want to achieve as a business and a brand and this is informing so much of what Fudge is today - our website, design, communications, content, even recruitment. I personally think stuff like this is hugely valuable and a great investment and I’ve not come across anyone better than Marsden/Mee when it comes to working this stuff out. 
— James Hill, Director, Fudge