A game-changing brand for horse racing fans


MyRacehorse is the first online marketplace of its kind to offer real fractional shares in top racehorses. Users of the platform can search, compare and instantly buy shares in racehorses online for as little as $100. It’s a game-changing proposition for the market, particularly in the US, where syndicates aren’t accessible to the masses.

We were asked by MyRacehorse to help define the brand proposition and create the brand identity to launch to the US market. The project then evolved to include the design of the platform itself, which we did in close collaboration with our UX partner. We also designed merchandise, promotional items and an advertising campaign across multiple platforms, which launched in California earlier this year. 

Just wanted to thank you for the very thoughtful and thought-provoking discovery session... I found your questions, your assessments and your comments very on point. I have had a lot of immersion sessions in my career, and definitely found this one to be one of the better ones. I am excited to see where things go from here, and am thrilled we are partnering with you at this stage.
— Michael Behrens, Co-Founder, MyRacehorse

During our discovery session with the client, it became clear that this was not a conventional horseracing brand. This was a tech brand that needed to sit comfortably alongside the biggest tech/app brands in the world. The brand proposition is about simplicity and empowerment - opening the excitement of racehorse ownership to everyone.

We needed to create a bold and disruptive brand that represented not only the thrill of the ownership experience, but also the intimacy of the individual’s relationship with their horse. The brand icon we created uses negative space to represent the experience of the racetrack, whilst also putting the horse itself front and centre.


As well as creating the brand identity, we designed the desktop and mobile app interface, which allows users to search and compare available horses and buy shares instantly via the app. It also provides users with a feed of news and updates from top trainers, as well as race results.

There is also an events feed, where owners can bid to gain access to exclusive race day events and experiences, such as tours and workouts.


We developed a launch concept for the product and created the launch campaign for the US market, which ran in press, outdoor, radio and online.

We also designed brand assets, such as stationery, merchandise and sales materials, along with a suite of email templates for customer communications.

I really love it. Trying to find some critical feedback as that’s supposed to be my job, but it is hard to do… This looks like a home-run to me. I love every aspect of it
— Michael Behrens, Co-Founder, MyRacehorse