A brand to make life easy for landlords


Protect Your Bricks is a specialist comparison site for landlord insurance. It’s an independent online platform that enables landlords to search the whole market for insurance quotes in order to find the right policy for their needs.

Sorting out landlord insurance is not an easy task, especially for first-timers. And with many people becoming landlords accidentally through inheritance, or doing it to supplement their income, Protect Your Bricks is a simple way to navigate the process and find the right policy quickly.

We worked with the Protect Your Bricks team to define the brand proposition and provide clarity around the brand vision, values and positioning. And we designed a visual identity to reflect that proposition. It’s friendly, it’s simple, it’s non-intimidating. And it’s distinctively different from other insurance providers out there.


As part of the visual identity, we designed a series of illustrations, depicting a range of different residential scenes, each with a slightly different perspective on the market.


And we also designed the web platform itself, including the quote funnel, working with our expert UX partner to provide a user-friendly interface and achieve maximum conversion rate.