Launching Tesco’s first organic femcare brand


TOTM makes awesome organic sanitary products for women. Right from the start, TOTM set out to be a disruptive brand, aiming to change the attitudes and behaviours of its target audiences. We were initially brought on board to undertake a brand review and look at how the overall identity could better represent the mission and values at the heart of the brand (see that story here).

We also worked with the client to redesign all packaging to coincide with a nationwide launch in Tesco. The aim was to challenge conventional stereotypes of what an organic brand should look like - and find new, bolder ways to tell the organic story. The packaging needed to stand out and immediately communicate the brand proposition. This was a big deal for Tesco – it’s the first time the supermarket has sold an organic femcare brand.


Following shelf analysis and market research, we created a packaging concept which evolved the existing colour palette and introduced eye-catching, organic patterns for each product range. Individually each product looks great, but as a collection, it really pops from the shelf. We introduced bold statements on-pack, which tell the story of the product in a new way, and connect directly with the consumer.

Being an online brand, we also needed to create an Instagrammable product that would connect with the target audience and inspire them to share online in their own social feeds. The response was amazing.

Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 14.56.08.png
Thank you for all of your amazing work this year. We’re obsessed with the new packaging and we really appreciate all of your support throughout the redesign projects and photoshoots.

We value everything you do for us and really look forward to working with you in 2019.
— Fee Bassett, Marketing Manager, TOTM

We also designed a launch campaign to introduce the brand to the mass market. We took the pattern concept and applied it to models using organic body paint. The idea was to communicate that TOTM customers are different – they are not ashamed of their period, and they are proud to buy TOTM because the brand represents their own values.