We believe that collaboration creates exciting opportunities and extraordinary creativity. That's why collaboration is at the heart of the way we do things. We don't pretend to do everything. But we do have a team of talented creatives, designers and developers who are brilliant at what they do. Our aim with Marsden/Mee was to create an agency platform where this talent can be harnessed, so that the right individuals are brought together for the right project, handpicked and directed by us to achieve the best possible results.

What does that mean for you? It means that you get the benefit of a specialist team, without the price tag of a full-service branding agency. It also means you get the most original ideas and the freshest thinking. Add to this our strategic thinking and obsessive focus on brand - and you're left with a pretty knock-out combination.



Marsden/Mee Anna Lewis

Anna Lewis

Becky King

Becky King

Our story started back in 1991. We were just escaping the clutches of shell suits and New Kids on the Block, and entering the world of Brit pop and Doc Martins. It was Pembrokeshire and we were 12. That's when we met, and it's when our long friendship began.

Many years later, after similar career paths in branding and design agencies, we ended up working in senior roles alongside each other at the same branding agency in Cardiff. We were both passionate about branding and cared deeply about our clients. Between us, we had worked with brands in most sectors, including the BBC, Visit Wales, the Wales Millennium Centre, PHS, Addis, Cancer Research Wales, Panasonic, Hodge Bank and Catnic. But after years of working for someone else, the time was right to do it for ourselves.

And so Marsden/Mee was born. And as our business is about defining and communicating the essence of a brand, we derived our company name from the essence of who we are. Our maiden names - Becky Marsden and Anna Mee – the people we were when we met; the relationship that made the brand possible. But our business isn't about us. It's about you. Your business. Your brand.

That's our story. What's yours?


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